The Beliefs of the South

Photo Courtesy of NPR
Photo Courtesy of NPR

I read the article about the Kentucky clerk who as sent to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses for gay couples. As a Christian, I am disappointed in the way this turned out. I was raised in a little church in south Georgia and was raised to believe that homosexuality is a sin. It was ingrained into me and 90% of the children who grew up in my hometown. Since Christianity is an important part of the southern lifestyle, this case is significant to the south. For many years, Southerners were known to discriminate against African Americans. Because of most Southerner’s Christian beliefs, are southerners also becoming known for discriminating against homosexuals?

I’m mostly confused about the way the clerk handled the situation. If she was aware that gay marriage was legal and that it was now her job to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, why didn’t she resign from her position? Why wasn’t she simply fired for not doing her job? Why are taxpayers going to pay for her prison stay? I personally would take unemployment as a decent consequence of her actions.



What I love most about this class is that we’ve done so many different projects and had such different goals in mind. I can’t wait to do the next project with junk and turning something that we see as trash into something with incredible purpose. I think that the movie Wasteland that we watched really helped me get a better idea of how to do that. I’ve always been an artist but have taken few classes and I have learned so much in this one. What I’ve enjoyed is the different methods we’ve used. Using charcoal, Xacto knives, sharpies, those are things that I rarely use-if ever- and I can’t wait to use them for the art that I have yet to create.


The box art was the most interesting thing we’ve done all semester. I love how we did multiple small assignments to reach a final goal. The pieces that stood out to me most were #15, #6, & #8. Number 15 was the one of Rihanna. I loved it because it was so pop culture and modern. I could really tell where the shadows and different sides of the boxes were because it has a nice range of values. Number 8 was my all-time favorite. You could see the dimensions partly because of the values but also because there was an edge to the picture- it didn’t just continue. I would love to see that on a white t-shirt with black 3/4 length sleeves.

Blind Contour Drawing

Today in class, we did an exercise to calm us and that exercise was blind contour drawing. We couldn’t look at our work as it was coming together and we couldn’t pick up our instruments. Needless to say, I was far from calm. I had no idea how it was in the least bit related to the chair we’d just finished or to the chair before the last one(lots of chairs). I realized that the relation is the differences. Okay, that doesn’t make sense. The point of doing a drawing with no artistic skills to speak of, then doing a chair that’s painstakingly precise, to doing something completely blind is to see what kind of eyes we view things from. When we do things our own way, when we let our brain tell us what we see rather than our eyes, we make a lot of mistakes. When we let our eyes tell us what we see, things become clearer. But when we see the object in front of us with our eyes and them we see our mistakes, it’s very frustrating. We eliminate this frustration by taking away the ability to see our mistakes until the very end. And the results are shocking. 10711358_840034249360903_1405132488_n 10714632_840034236027571_1494494875_n 10714850_840034229360905_2136039103_n

Assignment: Something that expresses me

For this project, I wound up doing something rather tattoo-like. The heart represents the things I’m passionate about, my love for biology, and my favorite book, “When Crickets Cry,” by my favorite author, Charles Martin. The wings represent my faith, my new-found freedom, innocence, and my love for travel. The flames are also symbols for passion but are mostly to symbolize pain and the loss of innocence. The daisies (my favorite flowers) are for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth but since many of the beliefs and characteristics that were instilled in me as a child are wilting away, so are the flowers.

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a little about me

Just to provide a little background, I am a freshman at Agnes Scott College and I’m very excited about my Visual Thinking class. Part of the course requirement is to create a website and log my assignments. I’ve always love drawing and painting specifically and I hope to expand my skills. I plan on majoring in math/physics and being a biomechanical engineer. As far as my blog goes, maybe I’ll enjoy it and if I get into the habit, there’s no telling how long it’ll last. We’ll see!